Rob Sanchez

A Digital Strategist with Strong Product Management Experience

Hey, I'd love to join your Tribe.

I’m someone who absolutely loves helping people design digital solutions to complex problems and working with amazing teams to implement elegant and efficient products.

I’ve worked on a wide variety of technology platforms from the basics of desktop and mobile, to the far reaches of augmented reality, homemade Arduino-based LED guitars and even Autonomous Vehicles.  I’m constantly researching the trends in all spaces and looking towards what’s new.

My most recent strategy experience was through an app development contract for a group of life coaches. I leveraged my diverse skills to play a hybrid role of PM/Strategist/UI Developer and was able to lead a small team to launch an app within 3 months.

Where I can contribute to the Tribe

Digital Strategy is my jam and I draw off of my marketing, design and entrepreneurial background to help clients build awesome digital products.

Digital Strategy
Client Relations
UX Design
Marketing Strategy
Graphic & Visual Design

Digital Portfolio

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A little about me.

HAPPYI believe we all have an ability to design a life we’d love to live. It’s not always possible to be grateful for everything, but you can be grateful for your ability to choose your attitude towards everything.

HELPFULApparently, Gandhi said “If you can, help others. If not, at least don’t harm them.” Corny as it may sound, I do strive to live by this. I believe being helpful is an attitude, not an action so it’s something I’m constantly working to improve.

CURIOUSI’m a college dropout…and a lifelong learner. I’ve taken tons of online courses, webinars, read lots of books, etc but my curiosity manifests most in my constant need to research everything I don’t know the answer to (which is still a lot).

ACCOUNTABLEAccountability means communication and commitment. I tend to enforce mostly through motivation but can also be firm when needed. I once let my team give me a mohawk as a reward for hitting an extremely difficult deadline.

Personal Competencies

  • Communication & Remote Experience:
    I've worked on teams of 2 all the way up to teams of 200. One remote team had people in Providence, San Francisco, Boston, San Diego, Taiwan and Shanghai. I recently hired and managed a Virtual Assistant in Manilla. I've also worked on mostly off-site client projects with distributed teams.
  • Self-motivated, detail-oriented, strong organizational skills, with a methodical approach to all tasks:
    I'm constantly working on a new business, a personal project or just researching fun things. I use 3 to-do list applications (1 for work, 1 for personal and 1 for daily routine stuff), make lots of practical spreadsheets and also random spreadsheets to calculate things like the best pricing for different types of dog food.
  • Ability to prioritize workloads and meet deadlines:
    I'm constantly balancing multiple projects in different stages and give ample notice if things are starting to slip so the course can be corrected.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal oversight
  • Native & fluent English speaker
    Hopefully self-evident!

Knowledge + Experience + Bonus Points

  • UX/UI designer with solid experience in Sketch
  • Comfortable with HTML, CSS & modern design principles (look at this site!)
  • Produced marketing videos reaching over 100k views
  • At one point I was a Certified Scrum Master and have done lots of specs and feature prioritization for teams
  • I've got a working knowledge of modern technology stacks and can hold my own in most conversations with developers
  • Flurry and Google Analytics experience

From People I've Worked With:

“Rob is super energetic and super passionate about solving the user’s problems and working with the client or the user to figure out exactly what their pain-point is and from there it usually becomes an obsession of what he can do to make that pain go away.””
Basel Qumsiyeh
Engineer & Cofounder
"I was really impressed with the way Rob became a seamless part of our team. He took the time to understand the vision for the application as well as our business goals...and how the application could flow to better satisfy the needs of the user"
Ron Morita
Past Client

I'll be working from:

  • Primarily sunny St. Petersburg, Florida.
  • Also planes, boats and trains as needed
  • Occasionally from the in-laws place in Providence, Rhode Island
  • Recently from a van while traveling the country for 5 months
  • Previously from Palo Alto, CA (I see you Santa Cruz!)

I'm looking for:

Thanks for reading! Looking forward to hearing from you.